Changes coming in 2018…

Firstly, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me in my caking journey this year. It’s been an absolute ball and I’m so very humbled with the way my little business has taken off – it’s been an absolute blessing and beyond my wildest dreams <3

It’s actually going so well, that I’m now needing to instill some new methods on coping with growth as I juggle my daytime job, motherhood and my overall well-being, while still being able to continue doing cakes 🙂 Here is a shortlist of the major changes that will be coming in as of 2018:

  • Last minute cake orders – There will now be a 2 week minimum required notice for a cake (note: this does not include lactation cookies or cupcakes). This allows enough time for cake deposit payment as well as me getting all the required ingredients and supplies in order to fulfil the orders in a more organised fashion. As much as I would love to offer last minute cakes, I admit I am finding it a challenge juggling my daytime job and motherhood as well as trying to fit cakes in at the last minute (admittedly, I haven’t been able to accommodate a ‘last-minute’ cake in quite some time as I’m usually booked, but thought I would explicitly state this from here on to avoid disappointment when I get calls – I always feel so bad not being able to help 🙁  ).
  • Restricting booking places – Did you know that at some points during this year I was taking on up to 5 orders a week? I love doing cakes and I love being able to share that with everyone. Unfortunately though, it also leaves me fairly exhausted by the time it gets to a Sunday afternoon and I have that huge pile of dishes to get through, and it results in my family missing out on quality mum time. So it is with a heavy heart that I will need to really pull back in 2018 and limit cake orders to 1 or 2 maximum a week. First in, first served basis.
  • The ordering process – Following on from an order confirmation, I email an order invoice that contains information regarding deposit and pickup/delivery details. A non-refundable deposit/booking fee payment will need to be paid 2 weeks prior to order. Failure to pay the deposit/booking fee will result in order cancellation.
  • Collection time – I will be allowing a strict half-hour window for pick ups. If you are running late, please advise via phone call or SMS as soon as possible to inform me and it may be possible for me to extend the time (I understand sometimes things happen and running late is unavoidable). However, due to family, work and other order delivery commitments, I am unfortunately no longer going to be able to offer flexibility on pickups.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me for clarification on any of these points. It is unfortunate that I will need to reduce the amount of cakes that I can take on, however I feel it’s now important to return more of me to my family and friends time.

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas, thank you all once again for your support this year, and I’m looking forward to another great year sharing cake creations with you in 2018 xx

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