Custom coloured cachous (sugar pearls)

Ever had a cake that you wanted a very specific colour for cachous/sugar pearls and couldn’t find it? I’ve just landed in that very situation (and I really wouldn’t have thought purple was a tricky one to get, but there you go).

So in that situation – what do you do? I looked online for some ideas.. airbrush them, shake them in luster dust, paint them.. so many options really. But being short on time (as most people are these days) I wanted something quick n easy.

I got a small container, dumped in regular white cachous, put in a quarter teaspoon or so of purple luster dust and gave it a shake. Opened the lid and was disappointed at what I was looking at.. very dull purple. I was hoping for something a tad more vibrant.

And that’s when it hit me, just like with gold, you add alcohol/spirit to make it a paint and suddenly it coats whatever you’re painting really well. So in that spirit, I added a teeny amount of alcohol and gave it another shake. Voila! The colour became vibrant and there was no doubt that the sugar pearls were now purple in colour ^_^

I spread them out onto some baking paper and allowed to dry. Very happy with the results and look forward to using them for this weekend’s cake šŸ™‚

Purple coloured cachous

Purple coloured cachous


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