GoT Cake..?

I was very excited in the leadup to this cake, and it turned out pretty much exactly the way I had planned. The occasion: the finale of season 6 of Game of Thrones.

In the spirit of the event, I thought about what springs to mind when I think of the show:
1 – swords
2 – blood
3 – winter is coming


I managed to get the ganache a blood red and glossy. I added glucose for the gloss, and the colour was achieved using a combination of Americolor Super Red and Chocolate Brown.


I cored out the middle of the cake and filled it with a runnier version of the ganache so that when the cake is cut it would ‘bleed’. The marbled effect of the cake was a bit lost I think, but that was meant to reflect the ‘winter’. Maybe next time I might try adding some Sky Blue to the Turqoise.

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