The Indonesian Steamed Cupcakes – Bolu Kukus

My take on the Bolu Kukus with a variety of different flavour combinations

While I was over in Bali recently visiting relatives, I told them I wanted to pursue a hobby business in making cakes.

My aunties spared some time to teach me how to make Indonesian steamed cupcakes, bolu kukus, saying that over there these treat cakes are a must have at any celebration. They bought the ingredients and showed me step by step what to do, and I am so grateful. I grew up eating and LOVING these cakes, and now I am able to make them myself I am so excited to make them with my own favourite flavours.

As pictured: vanilla choc, vanilla strawberry, choc strawberry, choc banana, coconut pandan, choc coconut, choc hazelnut, and so many combos inbetween.


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