The Marble Gugelhupf Cake

So last week I went to Aldi and they were selling cake pans. One of which reminded me of the gugelhupf cake pan that I once got for my dad many a year ago. You see, my dad is Austrian and often makes the yummiest Austrian treats! Poppy seed strudel, gugelhupf, vanille kipfel, and my favourite, apple strudel!

So I bought this tin with high hopes that I will be able to recreate the gugelhupf cake. This was my first attempt, and I think considering, it’s turned out pretty well. My son has been enjoying a slice (or 3) with me hehe

The flavour of yum was fairly prominent. Not sure if that’s everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s quite nice. I think next time I would also add a touch more cocoa powder to the chocolate part. And marble it a bit more too 🙂

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