The Neapolitan Cake Balls

With so much cake cutoffs leftover from the last few days of cooking, I decided last minute to make cake balls from them.


I’ve tried making cake pops a few times and I just couldn’t figure out how to get a nice coating of chocolate on there. I think now I’ve had some practice on 46 (1 tbspn amounts) of these, I now have a better understanding on how to get a better looking coat on there.
1 – add melted copha to the chocolate. I did 100g milk choc, 100g dark choc and 1.25 tbspn melted copha (I needed 2 lots of this combo to cover 46 cake balls). This helps to thin the chocolate out a bit
2 – freeze the cake balls, but let them stand in room temperature for 10-15min before coating. You want them to be at fridge-cool temperature. If it’s too cold then the chocolate sets too quickly before it’s had a chance to run smooth and set. Room temperature the chocolate will just run off too quickly.


Overall I’m satisfied with the way these turned out. I hope everyone finds them tasty!

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