The weekend that almost broke me

Wow, what a mad weekend just gone, I must be running on adrenalin at this stage because I certainly haven’t got enough sleep! lol I won’t split up the cakes into individual posts today (even though they definitely are deserving of their own posts!). So, let’s get into the last 4 days of caking!!

The Batman-5 Cake

5-shape Batman birthday cake

5-shape Batman birthday cake

Now this one was special because I got to construct it from carved cake, something I don’t have that much experience with. To do the 5 shape, I cooked 2x 7″ rounds, 1x loaf tin and 1x 8″ square. The cake was milk chocolate mudcake, and filled and coated with white chocolate frosting. The decorations were all constructed using fondant. The Batman Logo I got from here. I printed out a few of them, cut out each ‘part’ and then used that to guide the cutting of the fondant. I think it turned out pretty well 🙂

The White Gold Ferrero Cake

This one I have been waiting to do for a looooong time! I have been so keen to do a cake that I can put a jar of Nutella on haha  Maybe it is because I, myself, love love love Nutella!

White gold drip birthday cake

White gold drip birthday cake

This cake was meant to be four layers of 6″ chocolate mudcake, except I discovered that when I stacked 4 of those tins on top of each other it looked too thin and tall for my liking. So I instead used the same amount of batter into four 7″ tins so that it was a nicer looking ratio. Taking a look at the finished product, I am definite that I made the right decision, it looks perfectly proportioned!

Here are the details:

  • filled and coated with white chocolate frosting
  • custom macarons, some with white chocolate frosting, some with Nutella frosting
  • white chocolate drip
  • handcrafted fondant plaque and lettering on the board
  • an assortment of Ferrero choccies – including a mini jar of Nutella! (Oh so cute!!)
  • gold painted onto some elements to create the look of gold spreading from gold elements on the top of the cake

The Cascading Red Roses Cake

This one I admit was my first 3-tier cake and I am satisfied with the way it turned out. I am sure with more practice I will be able to get things looking better. I ended up buying a special thick  15″ cake board to support the weight of the 3 tiers.

Cascading red roses cake

Cascading red roses cake

The upper cakes were on their own cake boards and supported by bubble tea straws inserted into the cake underneath it. I have never done cakes this big before, so I also supplied the customer with a copy of a cake cutting chart  (because even I wouldn’t have known how to cut it to get the 100 serves). The roses were lovingly crafted from red fondant. I think I am getting better with making them now 🙂


The three tiers were three different cakes: 12″ chocolate sponge, 9″ red velvet and 6″ mango flavoured buttercake. The cake was filled and frosted with about 15 cups of vanilla buttercream. I don’t think I quite understood just how big these cakes were going to be until I did the batters for them and saw the sugar content. Each 12″ cake (there were 2 of them to make up the tier) had about 900g of caster sugar. For the frosting, I sifted about 2kg of icing sugar. Suddenly, it was all very real that I was cooking enough cake for the 100 people to each get a piece, and it was an amazing feeling really! The toffee shard was requested by the customer and I think it was an amazing addition to add height and that little splash of glamour. I added some gold sugar pearls to some of the piped rosettes to tie the colour through as well.

The Madhatter Cake

Madhattter cake

Madhattter cake

So after doing the previous 3 cakes in 2 days, I went into this one not quite realising how much of a challenge it was going to be. It probably didn’t help that the weather was warm so it was taking longer for the frosting to set up first enough to apply the fondant on the outside. I ended up getting a tub of pre-coloured Fondastic fondant, and I do not regret that decision – the fondant smelled and tasted divine, and was a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately there were a few cracks as I was applying it onto the cake as I was simply taking so long that it started to dry out 🙁 Fortunately for me, the cake had a number of elements that needed to be stuck on, so they could be covered lol

The cake was constructed with three 6″ mudcakes (dark chocolate, caramel and white chocolate. Filled and coated with chocolate frosting. All accents were created using fondant – everything is edible aside from the skewer sticks I used for the top 2 elements. The cake was for a 35th birthday, so I set the time on the stopwatch to 3 and the card to the 5 of hearts – subtle details that I hope did not go unnoticed. Overall I am very happy with the way that this cake turned out, however I still think there is room for improvement. I guess I will always be my biggest critic hey?

What’s crazy is that during the weekend of madness getting 4 cakes done I was also working on other cakey elements for this week’s Christmas markets.  Stay tuned for that post later this week! 🙂

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