Dash to the finish line

I had a few orders to get done today. A dozen cupcakes (for charity), a dozen bolu kukus and a Lapis Surabaya cake. Been a very busy couple of days!

The cupcakes were requested to be kept simple. Unfortunately I just ccouldn’t help myself. I have just got some new petal and ruffle tips and I wanted to play!

The cupcakes were all flavoured and coloured as well.

The flavours were: red=raspberry, orange=maple, yellow=banana, green=peppermint, blue=blueberry and purple=grape.

I had such a fun time experimenting in the kitchen, I think I’m officially in love with the petal tips!

I also made a dozen bolu kukus, flavoured hazelnut, dark chocolate, strawberry and cocopandan. I suppose I’m now fairly confident i know what I’m doing when it comes to them I don’t have to overthink it and stress 🙂

And lastly, the Lapis Surabaya cake. I have made this cake before (5 years ago?) and it turned out perfectly. This one felt quite firm to the touch (which I know is definitely not right!) and after some thinking I realised it is probably because of using butter and it being cold! Last time I made it, it was summer time. In Bali where I normally consume this, it is always nice and warm weather. So the texture is different! Lesson learned though: if making this cake again during cold weather, maybe substitute a third of the butter for margarine to keep it a softer texture at room temperature.

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