Welcome to my cake adventure

Every year my birthday rolls around and I get asked from my parents what I would like for my birthday. I usually don’t have an answer, only that I don’t need anything. Well this year in the lead up to my birthday, Aldi came out with a catalogue that contained a whole bunch of cake making equipment and supplies. We’re talking about pretty much anything that you would ever need to do a pretty decent cake – and all at a fraction of the price as other places. I know, because I sat there Googling every single bit of equipment and I quickly realised, these were bargains. About $100 to get $300 worth of supplies. I arrived at Aldi early that Winter’s morning – Saturday – and joined the queue that had already formed. It was crazy. But, I came out on top, managing to snag every item that I was after. And this is what has really spawned my cake adventures. Welcome to my journey of learning. I have always loved baking cakes, but this time I feel I would like to get serious about it. I’ve come to learn many techniques from TV (thanks Food Network, in particular “Save My Bakery”) and YouTube for your guidance and inspiration.

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