Latest updates

Hi guys! Thought I’d drop a quick post to let everyone know that I’ve done a some updates to the site (never-ending, isn’t it?)

Firstly, I have now got integration between the date selector widget on my enquiry page and my Google calendar. If you are not able to select a particular date on the enquiry form due to it being unavailable, this is not an error – it is because I have already blocked it as busy in my Google orders calendar and cannot take on another cake for that date. Hopefully this will aid in people knowing even prior to submitting an enquiry whether I am available or not (alternatively, you can confirm my availability on the availability page).

Secondly, I have now introduced a flavours menu. Take a look if you have a minute and let me know what you think 🙂 Remember, these are merely suggestions – this is a custom cake and it  is definitely not limited to what is seen on the menu. I’ve just received a lot of feedback that there is a lot of options and I suspect it all gets  a bit overwhelming. I have currently got 14 flavour profiles on there, I hope it’s not too many.

And thirdly, I have launched a Valentines Day promo. This will include an assortment of goodies intended to be shared with a loved one (or loved ones – I think there will be enough there to share with kids too 😉 ). If you’re keen, simply contact me and place an order 🙂

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