Inspirational Australian Cake Artists

3D Novelty Cake Artists

There are so many very talented cakes makers out there in the world, and I thought I might write a blog post sharing some of the amazing local Australian cake artists that inspire me. I then realised there’s possibly too many of them to fit onto the one blog post, so I will instead start a series of inspirational cake artists based on themes. In this post, I will share five of my favourite 3D Novelty Cake Artists (in no particular order, and definitely does not contain all of the amazing 3D novelty cake artists that inspire me, I just know that I have to draw the line somewhere 🙂 ).

1. Verusca Walker

I had seen her name come up in Facebook groups but admit I did not really start following her work until I saw her present a demo at a Cake Open Day in Canberra. During the demo she showed us how to create a cake that looked like a hat on a hat stand. You know when someone is a skilled SME (Subject Matter Expert) when they can present something so effortlessly like it’s just a walk in the park (but I know in my heart that I would be in struggle-town if I attempted something quite that complicated lol).


If you were looking to have a go at recreating some of her elaborate cake creations, Verusca has written the book Structured Cakes that explains the ins and outs of creating structures in order to create some of these wonderful cake creations. You can buy an E-Book version (AU$49.50) or printed version (AU$60 + P&H). She also shares some FREE tutorials via her YouTube channel.

2. ButterSweet Lane Cakes

Margarita popped onto the scene in late 2017 and her 3D novelty cake creations are absolutely amazing! I am always blown away whenever I see one of her creations come up on my Facebook feed as they are always so fun and well executed.

As you can see above from her 2019 Top 9 on Insta, she creates a variety of sweet treats, from cupcakes, through to buttercream cakes and onto 3D novelty cakes – she really is a Jack of All Trades and a true master of them all! If you were looking to order a cake from her, she operates in the Kellyville Ridge area in Sydney. She also occasionally runs cake classes as well, so stay tuned to her website if you were wanting to learn from her.

3. Cherry On Top Cakes

I remember my first interactions with Ashini through a Facebook cake group, simply put, she is just such a lovely person 🙂 I’ve also been following her caking journey, and have witnessed her creations come in leaps and bounds in such a short timeframe – it has been a joy and inspiration to watch. I think she really hit the spotlight when she created the firefighter cake (below) – a monumental cake capturing the essence of the devastating bushfires that hit Australia during the 2019 summer.

If you were in the Wodonga area in Victoria and want to get a one-of-a-kind cake masterpiece, look no further than Ashini @ Cherry On Top Cakes. You won’t be disappointed!

4. Inspired Cakes – by Amy

Amy shot onto the caking scene less than a handful of years ago and took the Australian caking world by storm – and it’s not hard to see why! Her handcrafted 3D cakes are simply works of art that are flawlessly executed. I think it takes a lot talent to be able to pull off even simple anti-gravity cakes, but she takes it to a whole new level by sculpting even complex shapes to perfection.

She’s taken home a multitude of awards in the cake industry and continues to inspire swathes of people. You’ll see her partaking in all kinds of cake shows around Australia, and continues to take custom cake orders, so if you’re in the Bowral, NSW area and looking for a mind-blowing cake, then Amy is your gal!

For those cake makers feeling inspired to learn from her, you can find online tutorials on her website starting from AU$29.95. She also offers workshops for those in the area that wants a more in-person lesson.

5. A Little Nonsense Cakes

I first saw Dale’s creations from within a Facebook cake group I’m in, and wowee her stuff blows me away! Every one of her cake creations are simply immaculate – perfectly sharp edges, airbrushed shading on point, and I simply love how she incorporates lights in her cakes for the added extra WOW factor! Seriously, you wouldn’t even know some of her creations were cakes!


If you head to her website’s gallery of celebration cakes, you’ll see for yourself why I am raving about her work and it will prove to you just how crazy-talented this lady is! If you live in the Kelmscott area in WA, and were looking for a cake with massive WOW factor, don’t look past Dale @ A Little Nonsense Cakes.

BONUS: Elegant Slice

OK so I thought I had better include at least one option for a 3D Novelty Cake Artist from the Canberra region in this post – so BONUS ROUND! There are a number of super talented cake makers in the area, but of the ones that I follow, Elegant Slice takes my vote as most inspirational for me – possibly because he nails square cakes to perfection. It’s seriously cake p0rn…


He has also done a number of car cakes that are just stunning (something I have not been brave enough to try as yet – I admit, it feels daunting to me!)


He is a qualified pastry chef of 30 years and has worked in a number of establishments in Europe as well as Australia. If you are local to Canberra, you’ll find Elegant Slice based in the suburb of McKellar (although he also does offer delivery – just sayin’ 😉 ).

The BB8 Cake

This cake wasn’t for a paying customer. This one was for my darling little boy Blake who turned 3. He loves Star Wars and in particular, this little robot BB8 who came along in Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

BB8 Cake

BB8 Cake

I have had requests for some rather intricate cakes but I tend to decline them saying that I don’t think I could do them. I’m still new to the game and still learning, and I feel that if it’s a special occasion cake it should be done well.

This cake, being for my boy, was far less pressure to be ‘perfect’ and I could just enjoy the process. And I tell you now, it was a rather lengthy process. it took me a good 12 hours to construct it. That doesn’t include cooking the cakes and sculpting them. Nope. Nor does it include making the frosting. I won’t bore you with how to make it – you can just check out an instructional on How To Cake It. I didn’t follow it exactly, some things I did my own way. But she does offer a few awesome tips, like rolling a ball of fondant to smooth the surface rather than a typical fondant smoother.  Oh, and pro-tip in getting that right orange colour: Americolor Orange with Americolor Tulip Red (which sways Orange).

The one thing I opted to put onto this BB8 which I haven’t seen elsewhere, is the candle. There is a scene in Star Wars where he gives the thumbs up with his lighter. I personally loved that scene and figured with this being a birthday cake and needing a candle, that would be an appropriate inclusion. I also did up a custom plaque for the cake using a Star Wars font. I found the easiest way to accomplish this was to print off the writing you want and use the pencil transfer method to get that image outline onto the plaque. I then used an edible pen to colour it in.


Because I wasn’t 100% sure whether this cake would be big enough to cater for the number of guests at the party, at the last minute I also made some Star Wars cupcakes. Might be hard to see in this picture above, but there is Yoda, Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca (I just realised you can’t see Chewie at all in this pic, aww).

Here is a bunch of pictures of the constructing – and deconstructing – of BB8. The “sand” is made of blitzed up Arnott’s Scotch Finger biscuits. Being a large fan of bikkies, I knew exactly which ones would work best for this purpose 😉