The Baby Polka Dot Cake

A friend of mine is due to have her baby in August, so we decided to have a pre-baby catch up today. It was really good to see her before her bub arrives, as I’ve come to realise once baby is here, it’s going to be challenging catching up with friends!
What better way to celebrate your freedom than with cake!


This is my first attempt at making a baby celebration cake. It was pretty rushed in the end, so unfortunately I didn’t get to do quite a clean finish of the buttercream frosting as I would have liked. But, it tasted wonderful,  which is the main thing.


I made coloured cake balls during the week and put them into the mix for baking. I now have realized:
* pre-bake the bottom first,  even just slightly, so it eliminates the ‘rise’ of the surprise elements (more control over element position)
* might be better with a thick buttercake mix as in the mud cake batter the elements floated and wouldn’t stay down

Still, it was a decent first attempt I thought. It definitely won on deliciousness hehe

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