The Baseball Cap Cake

To say that this cake was tricky for me would be an understatement. For something as simple as this design, I found it fairly complicated lol here is the baseball cap cake:


So let’s start by explaining what you are looking at:

  • 9″ carved chocolate mudcake, filled and coated with vanilla bean buttercream and sitting on its own silver cardboard cakeboard (which is stuck onto the base board using some extra buttercream)
  • 15″ x 15″ masonite board covered with Forest Green Fondtastic fondant in the design of a baseball diamond (I have also applied grass green satin ribbon to the outside of the board which you can’t really see from these images – just used my trusty Blu-stick for this)
  • Custom coloured Bakels fondant to cover the cap and create the brim (I will get into this more a little later)
  • White fondant letter cutouts, adhered to the cap and board using this product called “Sticky stuff” which I got my my local cake supply store

I was provided pictures of the cap that was to be replicated into cake, based on the cap played by the Rebels Baseball Club that the birthday boy is part of. Looking through the articles, it appears that this young talent will be making his way to the USA as part of the MLB World Select Team which is really amazing – I sincerely wish him all the best with it, he should be very proud of himself to make it this far already as it is a huge accomplishment.

Anyway, I digress from the cake! So in the process of making the maroon colour, I bought a couple bottles of Americolor Maroon thinking using that would be enough. Aaaand no. I kneaded in the colour into the fondant and left it overnight to progress – it turned into a burgundy colour 🙁  I posted onto the Australian Cake Decorators Network the question of colour and needing help and was linked to this article which illustrates how to achieve colours. I am so glad that I had asked for help because I was intending to add brown to the burgundy thinking that would achieve the maroon – nope! It’s red lol

As for getting the letters cut – I used letter cutters for the name, age and “EST. 1958” (they’re a Wilton set which I thoroughly recommend buying if you’re a cakemaker, as I use these all the time). The R on the front of the cap I handmade. Yep. That took about an hour on its own to achieve lol Steps to making it?:

  • Get the picture sent from the customer
  • Make adjustments to the image using an image editor – turning it black and white, turning up the contrast and inverting it so that the R was black on white background.
  • Print the new image in a range of different sizes as I didn’t know which one would work best on the cake
  • Trace this onto baking paper and cut out out
  • Roll out fondant, place the baking paper cutout onto it and then using an x-acto knife cut the fondant around the template

Placing it onto the cake and getting everything in the right place was so challenging too for me. I am a bit of a perfectionist and getting everything to look just right took me a while!

Anyhoo, I feel I learnt a lot from making this particular cake, and I’m very thankful (and humbled) for the customer in trusting me to create this very special cake for Cooper’s 16th 🙂

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