The BB8 Cake

This cake wasn’t for a paying customer. This one was for my darling little boy Blake who turned 3. He loves Star Wars and in particular, this little robot BB8 who came along in Episode 7: The Force Awakens.

BB8 Cake

BB8 Cake

I have had requests for some rather intricate cakes but I tend to decline them saying that I don’t think I could do them. I’m still new to the game and still learning, and I feel that if it’s a special occasion cake it should be done well.

This cake, being for my boy, was far less pressure to be ‘perfect’ and I could just enjoy the process. And I tell you now, it was a rather lengthy process. it took me a good 12 hours to construct it. That doesn’t include cooking the cakes and sculpting them. Nope. Nor does it include making the frosting. I won’t bore you with how to make it – you can just check out an instructional on How To Cake It. I didn’t follow it exactly, some things I did my own way. But she does offer a few awesome tips, like rolling a ball of fondant to smooth the surface rather than a typical fondant smoother.  Oh, and pro-tip in getting that right orange colour: Americolor Orange with Americolor Tulip Red (which sways Orange).

The one thing I opted to put onto this BB8 which I haven’t seen elsewhere, is the candle. There is a scene in Star Wars where he gives the thumbs up with his lighter. I personally loved that scene and figured with this being a birthday cake and needing a candle, that would be an appropriate inclusion. I also did up a custom plaque for the cake using a Star Wars font. I found the easiest way to accomplish this was to print off the writing you want and use the pencil transfer method to get that image outline onto the plaque. I then used an edible pen to colour it in.


Because I wasn’t 100% sure whether this cake would be big enough to cater for the number of guests at the party, at the last minute I also made some Star Wars cupcakes. Might be hard to see in this picture above, but there is Yoda, Darth Vader, C-3PO and Chewbacca (I just realised you can’t see Chewie at all in this pic, aww).

Here is a bunch of pictures of the constructing – and deconstructing – of BB8. The “sand” is made of blitzed up Arnott’s Scotch Finger biscuits. Being a large fan of bikkies, I knew exactly which ones would work best for this purpose 😉


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