The Buttercream Flower Cake

It’s quite interesting how a cake kind of evolves. I initially had envisaged a taller cake design as a bouquet of flowers, and it evolved to a little flower garden. I can’t say I am completely in love with it, as I admit I struggled a little bit trying to attain the colours I really hoped for. But looking at the end result, I am happy with the way it turned out overall.

2017-03-11 07.47.53The cake itself was a 9″ orange blossom buttercake, filled and frosted with coconut buttercream. The 70 plaque on the front of the cake was done using fondant. There was white sanding sugar added to the top centre of the cake and around the cake as well – meant to represent white pebbles/gravel.

2017-03-11 07.45.55The colours were done using Americolor gel pastes. The colours I used: lemon yellow, electric purple+regal purple, fuschia, orange, deep pink, orange+super red, burgundy, Americolor electric green+Wilton Kelly green. The one colour that I really wanted but didn’t quite know how to achieve was a hot magenta colour.

2017-03-11 07.49.24To pipe the garden I used the following tips:

  • Wilton tip 2D for rosettes
  • Ateco tip 124 for the burgundy rose
  • Ateco tips 80 and 401 for the chrysanthemums
  • A closed star tip
  • Ateco 352 for the leaves
  • Round tips for the buds

I think that the leaves on this cake look a little small. I intend to buy tip 366 for future cakes where the leaves would be a bit bigger 🙂

I initially had it mapped out to cover the entire cake with flowers. But as I commenced the decorating process I realised that it didn’t look quite right to me having it completely covered and I thought it would look better as a little garden scene. It also allowed room for the addition of candles (photo provided by customer – I love that the candles colours matched the colours of the flowers!):


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