The Caramel Craziness Cake 2.0

I am still a bit new to this world of caking, and to have been commissioned to do a cake for a corporate function was really humbling. I was so excited when the order was for the Caramel Craziness cake – one of my own cake designs!

IMG_20170316_193005_159This is a 6 layer caramel mudcake with white chocolate ganache, topped with a homemade caramel sauce, yummo! The cake was decorated with homemade custom macarons (some with caramel ganache, some with white chocolate ganache), toffee shards and caramel popcorn.

2017-03-18 15.49.26As you can see, some of the shards have been shaped as stars. This was done using metal star cookie cutters. All I did was coat the inside edges with Crisco so that the toffee didn’t stick, placed them onto a tray lined with baking paper and poured the toffee into them and let them set. When they’re done, I just slightly bent the cutter outwards so the toffee comes away from it, and pushed the toffee star out. It’s actually a really simple process now I’ve nutted it out! 🙂

2017-03-18 15.52.16What you don’t see is the internal structure for this cake. I have added a cake board and dowels at the 3-layer mark, before adding on the top 3 layers. There is also a thick bamboo skewers running through the centre as a dowel to ensure that when I went to deliver it, there was less chance of the cake shifting. (I am getting into the habit of adding centre dowels into cakes where they are taller than a single tier – peace of mind!).

I love how this caramel drip has turned out. The best bit is, the caramel didn’t need to be too warm as I applied it – just a 10-15 second in the microwave (from the fridge) to liquify it a little bit was enough. The lesson I learnt about caramel a while ago was to only drip the tiniest, teeniest amount from the top because it doesn’t set like ganache does as it drips. I’ve read that you can add a little bit of white chocolate to the caramel to get it to set like typical ganache does. But from my previous experience of doing this (albeit with Top n Fill Caramel) was not favourable – it ended up changing the flavour a little too much for my liking. I’d prefer to let the caramel drip to the board and enjoy the pure caramel experience! 😉

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