The Clinker Cake

So my friend requested I make a cake for her. The requirements: 3 flavours (pandan, strawberry and vanilla) and Clinkers must be a feature. Aside from that I had free reign over how it was designed, and this was what I came up with. I’ve been wanting to try a rosette cake since I bought my Wilton cupcake decorating kit, and this was my first attempt.

The Clinker Cake

The Clinker Cake

I have this addiction with cakes needing a surprise element on the inside. In this instance, I did the cake with the colours to match the Clinker colours (lucky my friend chose those flavours hey? ;-)) the only colour I needed to add was yellow to the vanilla.


The Clinker Cake – Cut

What I’ve learnt: needs at least 1.25 batches of buttercream frosting (rosettes take more to make).

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