The Dora Meets Spiderman split cake

When I was approached to do a split cake I thought to myself yep, that will be a fun challenge! Aaaand yes indeed it was!

The Dora Meets Spiderman split cake

The Dora Meets Spiderman split cake

I initially had it planned out as a flat top but as it appears trendy at the moment to build it up, I thought I will do that with this cake also. I did the top semi-circle bit with a cut cakeboard covered with fondant.

The cake itself is a 4 layer chocolate mudcake, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream. As requested it also was a surprise inside cake with hidden crispy MnM’s inside (pictured below – picture courtesy of my lovely customer who kept my updated on the kids reactions like I asked thank you! :))

Dora Meets Spiderman - Surprise Inside

Dora Meets Spiderman – Surprise Inside

For this cake I *finally* got to try out my grass piping tip! I bought it months ago and still hadn’t found an appropriate opportunity to use it. This was the perfect time! And you know what, I want to do more piping with it! haha I have a 3D teddy bear cake tin that I bought a little while ago and I am thinking I would love to do a cake covered with fur using this tip.

Anyhoo, I am getting distracted by the awesomeness that is this cake.  Another handy hint that I have discovered along the way is to mix the buttercream along with some piping gel if you intend to do intricate (thin/small) piping details, like what I did for the spiderweb. I think it really helped. I’m actually wondering whether i should have added some more in there  next time, I did it at a ratio of about 2.5:1 (buttercream to piping gel).

I did the majority of the accents using fondant and gumpaste. I LOVE Americolor colours – really livens everything doesn’t it?! Here is a gallery of pictures I took of the cake.

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