The Fairy Doll Cake

I bought the Dolly Varden tin a couple months ago, hoping that I’ll get an opportunity to actually make one. I was so excited when I was asked to do a doll cake as a fairy!

The Fairy Doll cake.

The Fairy Doll cake

I made the dress and wings of fondant, and also made flower and butterfly accents to adorn the dress. The cake itself was chocolate sponge. I read online that the tin holds about 8 cups of batter, which is accurate. Except I highly recommend you don’t use a sponge cake that rises a lot with that amount – that may be better suited for a mudcake. For sponge, I would think 6-7 cups would be more appropriate, or you’ll end up with a lot of overflow as I did! haha

The Fairy Doll cake - angle shot.

The Fairy Doll cake – angle shot

The frosting was strawberries and cream flavoured buttercream, piped into rosettes using Wilton 1M tip.

The Fairy Doll cake - action shot.

The Fairy Doll cake – action shot

I made her a wand using a toothpick and small fondant stars. I painted the wand stick and her wings using silver white lustre dust.

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