The Golden Unicorn Cake

Nothing beats getting to ride on a cake trend – and lucky for me I got a request for a unicorn cake because these are so super cute! I see these all the time on Instagram and finally got my opportunity to make one!
IMG_20170305_123231_024The cake itself: 6x 6″ layers of rainbow spongecake, filled with chocolate ganache, coated with white chocolate ganache. Hair of white chocolate buttercream, horn, ears and eyes done with fondant. The gold was done using a mix of Rolkem Supers gold lustre dust and alcohol in order to make a paint that evaporates and dries quickly. I LOVE painting metallic on fondant, it always looks so amazing!

I used Wilton tip 1M in order to pip the hair. For where I piped a kiss using that tip, I added a sugar pearl to it. I think it adds a little bit of something extra special to the cake along with the gold painted elements. Definitely a special cake for a special birthday girl 🙂

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