The Lovely Couple

I love love love drip cakes! They are so much fun to make and look so enticing – you just want to dive in and have some! When I was approached to make 2 totally different styled cakes, one being a drip cake, I just had to say yes! (Even if it meant a rather late “school night”).

The lovely couple of cake

The lovely couple

I only just managed to fit these two cakes into my fridge over night. Aww so romantic all snuggled there together!

Chocolate Chilli Cookies and Cream cake

Chocolate Chilli Cookies and Cream cake

First up we have the drip cake. Featuring three 6″ layers of chilli chocolate mudcake, filled with white chocolate frosting and coated with cookies and cream frosting (which is soooo yummy!) Topped with a chocolate drip, cookies and cream kisses and mini Oreos. Initially when I was asked to do the chocolate mudcake as chilli chocolate I was hesitant, probably because I once had a chilli hot chocolate which was awful and burnt the back of my throat with each sip. With that experience in mind, I made sure not to overdo it for this cake, and I think I nailed it. With each bite, you get the rich chocolate flavour of the mudcake, followed by a warmth in the mouth from the chilli. It’s actually a pretty cool sensation and I am going to add it as a flavour offering!

Caramel coconut ombre ruffle cake

Caramel coconut ombre ruffle cake

Next up we have the cute ombre ruffle cake. Feature three 6″ layers of caramel coconut mudcake, filled and coated with white chocolate frosting. The ruffles are also made with white chocolate frosting. The top was adorned with homemade white chocolate macarons and white sanding sugar.

Close up of the ombre ruffle cake


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