The Mario Kart Cake

OH NO I’ve just realised that I haven’t done the post for the Mario Kart cake! How did that happen?! So, it’s time to back it up and get this one posted because this cake is FREAKING AWESOME and you all deserve to know about it!

IMG_20170305_123358_618I grew up playing Mario Kart and really enjoyed it. I admit that playing as Yoshi was my favourite heehee

This cake was 8″, 3-layer chocolate mudcake as checkerboard – milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Unfortunately, the milk chocolate and dark chocolate mudcakes ended up looking very similar in colour and the checkerboard ended up being less effective than I had initially hoped.

17036486_10155310285876535_1562404671_oThe cake was filled and coated with milk chocolate frosting, and then covered with vanilla fondant. To get the sky blue colour, I added a mix of Wilton Sky Blue and Americolor Electric Blue which added to the “pop” factor. Sky blue on its own just wasn’t cutting it.

All the decorations were made out of gumpaste/fondant. Making the Mario Kart took me quite a bit longer than I initially thought it would – I guess I need more practice in doing people so that I get a better feel for ratios and proportions. I think it ended up taking me about 3 hours :-O

For the cake, I decided it would be worth my while to get the cloud cutters. And YES, I definitely recommend to anyone else requiring clouds on their cakes to get the set of cloud cutters – you will not regret that decision! Because I had enough notice, I ended up buying my set through eBay and it cost me about $2.50 or so. Well worth it to save some time!

To do the checker banner, I ended up using my black edible marker to colour that in. I couldn’t be bothered trying to do iddy-biddy black squares and sticking them on and trying to get them to all line up neatly. I got a ruler and just drew the graph lines and then coloured them in. So much quicker! 🙂

I really enjoyed making this cake and I was so happy to hear that the recipient loved the cake as well. Makes all the hours of work worth it when you get the wonderful feedback 🙂

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