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I apologise for the lengthy delay in getting a new post out! But life has been very busy of late and here I am, finally able to find the time to get a new blog post, simply because I am on holidays! Between family commitments, work commitments, custom cake/cupcake orders (which isn’t only making the cakes, but ensuring I get all the ingredients, supplies, cooking, cleaning, organising, quotes, etc), and now doing monthly markets, there just isn’t enough time to do blog posts for each order. I now intend to do blog posts for anything new that I think is worth sharing with you all – such as recipes, techniques or news on what’s happening with the business.

So, this post’s topic, which I am sure you gathered from the title, is about me now going to the markets. That’s right, now you don’t need to make custom orders for cupcakes with minimum order of 12 – you can simply head down to the markets each month to buy one (or a box of 4 if you want to take some home).

Over the top cupcakes

Over the top cupcakes – Winner of People’s Choice award, “Other Sweet Treats” category, Australian Cake Decorating Network

Which markets: Tuggeranong Lions Community Markets

When: second Sunday of each month, 9am-2pm

Where: Calwell High School gym, 111 Casey Crescent, Calwell

A mention in the Sunday Canberra Times newspaper

A mention in the Sunday Canberra Times newspaper

The implication of this is that those weekends where I have the markets are now going to be very restricted in terms of the number of custom cake orders I can take on, as I’ll need to be working on these delicious goodies for the markets 🙂

Look forward to seeing you there! xx

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