The Nutella Mini Cakes

Went out to Aldi today and spotted hazelnut extract. So I bought a jar and immediately wanted to try out a cake with it, with a Nutella frosting to go with it.

Considering I’ve been having a lot of cake lately, I decided to make just a small cake, using my 11cm cake tin. Unfortunately, I read that I would have needed 1 whole batch of cake batter. Bzzz, wrong. I should have only made half.

So that is why I ended up with 2 mini-cakes today. I did one with a very simple design intended for us to eat at home.


Simple design – Nutella frosted hazelnut mini cake

And the next one is the version that I spent more time on. Even though this was my first attempt at doing a basketweave on a cake using frosting, I am disappointed with the result 🙁

The rope along the top I think tied things in well overall though, just need to practice that a bit more also.

I topped the cake with some fondant accents and some pink sugar crystals to add some extra colour. Overall a good first attempt, but I would really like to practice more piping.

Basket design mini cake

Basket design mini cake

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