The One in a Minion Cake

You know, sometimes I feel like I get more enjoyment from doing these cakes than I should be. This is supposed to be “work” right? hahahaha When I get an order for a cake that excites me, I go all out and make it the best I can – even if it’s blowing my own budget out of the water and I’m spending more time on the cake than I should have.


When I got a request for a minion cake I knew right away I wanted to make one like this. I envisioned it and it was like magic watching it come to life.

The cake itself: 2x 6″ chocolate mudcake rounds, 1x 6″ chocolate mudcake hemisphere. I filled it with mini M&M’s as per the customer’s request (I’m beginning to get more orders for surprise inside cakes which is awesome!!)

I used Bakels Petinice pre-coloured yellow and blue fondants for this project – first time I used them. And now that I have used them, I’ll probably continue to use them – it’s a wonderful fondant to work with! Lucky for me I’m an ACDN member so can get 10% discount on them at my local Cake Decorating Solutions – they’re not the cheapest, but they’re certainly worth the money for ease of use. I’ve also taken to applying Crisco onto my hands and onto my benchtop before I roll it out and OMG I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start doing that haha! Has made my life so much easier.

I applied the letter “Z” for the birthday boy’s initial. I also made the cupcake liner of white chocolate coloured blue. Main reason for this is because all my liners happened to be white – borrrring to look at! Also means that aside from the single candle in the cupcake, everything on that board is edible. Everything. There’s no hidden toothpicks, no dowel. 100% edible goodness right there – cake, M&M’s, milk chocolate frosting and fondant. There’s also much love that’s gone into it – but that’s not so edible 😉

By the way, as my friend brought to my attention, this lil guy’s name is Stuart 🙂

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