The Red Velvet Roses

For a Valentines Day promo this year I decided to offer up Red Velvet Roses – for those that enjoy the sweeter things in life 😉

Red Velvet Rose

Red Velvet Rose

The cupcakes themselves were based on a new Red Velvet cake recipe that I’ve discovered – the red colour being so vibrant and the flavour amazing! And best of all, the cake itself is sooo soft,moist and scrumptious! I got the recipe from here. The only recommendation I would make (which is what I did) is substitute half the oil for some butter instead. So, instead of 1 cup oil, I used half cup oil and half cup butter (about 113g). I found this to make the cake more firm but also didn’t leave an oily residue on your fingers.

Red Velvet Roses - boxed up and ready to go!

Red Velvet Roses – boxed up and ready to go!

The frosting on top I did a cream cheese flavoured buttercream. The recipe itself came from the back of the LorAnn Oils Cream Cheese Emulsion bottle. At first I tried adding it to my own icing but it didn’t taste that great. I think it’s important to use the recipe that was provided as it’s designed for it exactly. The other thing worth noting: shake the bottle well! Unfortunately I couldn’t use this one for the dairy free cupcakes, so I instead used the LorAnn Oils Super-Strength Cheesecake Flavour and used Nutellex instead of butter. I highly recommend these LorAnn Oils products, they are amazing! Especially for people like me who are home-based food businesses and limited to shelf-stable foods (I am not allowed to do proper cream cheese frosting to sell – which is a shame for my customers, but I still have it for myself lol).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day, and thank you to everyone who bought some Red Velvet Roses <3

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