The Six Corners of Chocolate

Although not originally my idea, when someone approached me with the request to make this cake, I couldn’t resist!

They requested 6 different chocolates to be reflected in the cake as individual pieces: mint Aero, Mars, Caramello, Bounty, Cherry Ripe and Lindt chocolate balls.

I made individual fillings for each section, hoping that when ensembled with the chocolate cake they would resemble the chocolate bar:

  • Mint Aero: milk choc ganache with chopped Aero
  • Mars: salted caramel with homemade nougat
  • Caramello: salted caramel
  • Bounty: coconut white choc ganache with desiccated coconut
  • Cherry Ripe: coconut white choc ganache with desiccated coconut and black cherry jam
  • Lindt chocolate: milk choc ganache

The cake was then coated with chocolate frosting and encased with Kit Kats.

The final touch was to add some fondant stars of wire. I painted the stars with gold lustre dust, which unfortunately you can’t see the detail of in the photos.


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