The Snickers Cake

The Snickers Cake

The humble Snickers bar. Caramel. Peanuts. Chocolate. What’s not to love?

When someone asks me to make a cake honouring flavours I believe in, my inner child starts getting all excited like it’s Christmas morning. This was no exception.

Presenting the ultimate Snickers cake. 2-layer chocolate mudcake, filled with peanut butter frosting. Coated with salted caramel buttercream, followed by  caramel drip and a choc ganache drip. Decorated with roasted peanuts, chopped Snickers and salted caramel buttercream kisses.

I was very proud to have successfully created this cake using Logicane raw sugar (even to make the caramel frosting), and wholemeal flour. I may even continue subbing for healthier options down the track for cake projects.

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