The Surprise Birthday Present cake

I’ve always had a thing for these kinds of cakes where it looks like a present wrapped up. This was one with the added “surprise” factor with the stars emitting from the top. The cake itself was a 6″ REAL chocolate mudcake (all my mudcakes use REAL chocolate, yum!), filled and coated with REAL chocolate frosting (as opposed to just cocoa powder or chocolate extract). I covered the cake with vanilla fondant.


For the colours of the cake:

  • Americolor Electric Green
  • Fondtastic Tiffany Blue fondant
  • Americolor Electric Pink + Super Red (to get that pink coral colour)
  • A hint of super black to make the grey balls which were then painted silver using a mix of lustre dust and a smidge of Vodka to make a paste (the tiny amount of alcohol evaporates)


The original inspiration picture had a sash for the name written on top, but I decided to make a gift tag instead for the Happy Birthday message. I then added a fondant “tie”.


Because I don’t like putting wires directly into cake, I wrapped the wires together using sticky tape and then inserted that into a drinking straw filled with fondant. This was all then inserted into the cake behind the 12.

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