The Treasure Island cake (and pirate ship cupcakes)

The customer requested a cake and cupcakes suitable for her son’s pirate themed sixth birthday party. And with that my imagination ran wild!

I thought what would work better than a treasure island cake (with REAL TREASURE!) Surrounded with pirate ship cupcakes.

I filled the 3-layers of 7″ chocolate mudcake with lollies of the customer’s choosing, so when the cake is cut the lollies should spill out (much like a piñata).

I made the treasure chest and palm tree out of fondant. I ended up sticking the leaves onto the tree last using melted chocolate as glue. The pirate ships on the cupcakes and around the cake were made of banana lollies dipped in melted chocolate. I printed the pirate ship flags to stick on them with the toothpick.

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